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What is it all about?

I have a few hobbies and interests, which I would like to share with you and the internet seems an ideal place of doing just that. The menu at the top will give you the headlines. Please feel free to browse around.

Is it maintained?

Not every week or month, but at least whenever I think I got something to share.

You're Danish - Why is your site in English?

Well, a bilingual site would be nice, but it does mean some extra work is involved in maintaining it. So I decided that a single language will have to do. I went for English since Danish isn't exactly the most common of languages. Besides it provides me with an opportunity to keep up on my English.

There is a typo on one of your pages!

Only one? Take a closer look and you will probably find more. ;-) Drop me an e-mail and let me know.

It doesn't look right and some things don't work!

You will need a fairly new browser (Late versions of Safari or Firefox will do nicely) with JavaScript and Java enabled.

Why don't you just use Facebook or another social media?

Because I do not want to be limited to a certain web-design and I have some issues with their policies for privacy and ownership (mostly Facebook). However, I do have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and use them when it suits my purpose.

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