I have a few hobbies, interests and even work related items which I would like to share and the internet seems an ideal place of doing just that.

A quick note about my slogan: Think about it…. Sometimes it might be worth to pause, think and reflect before reacting. Not an easy task in todays world of fast moving social media. Nevertheless, why not give it try.

Now for the boring part:

The menu icon at the right hand top will give you the headlines. Please feel free to browse around.

I cannot honestly say that this site is maintained daily, weekly or even monthly. It kinda happens whenever I think I got something (new) to share. Actually this edition of the site is missing some pages dealing with my interest in photography, cars and motorsports.

I'm also on Linkedin, Facebook and other social media - each have their purpose. But not everything in your life need to be on the fast moving social medias.

Although danish born and bread my site is in english. I admit a bilingual site would be nice, but it does mean some extra work is involved in maintaining it. So I decided that a single language would have to do. I went for English since Danish isn't exactly the most common of languages.

If you find a typo on one of my pages - drop me a message and let me know.

I will not keep records of your visit to my site.
However, if you decide to send me a message though this site you will be added to my e-mail repository and your name and mail address will appear in my address book