Discovering Tattoos

During a trip to Canada in 1997 I happened to see some examples of Haida native art at a small exhibition somewhere downtown Toronto. (The Haida are North American Indians living on the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia and on part of Prince of Wales Island, southeast Alaska.).

Especially a picture of a shield with an eagle flying over a salmon caught my eye. I didn't have my camera with me and this was in the days before we all had a mobile with camera, so I jotted down the few notes posted below the picture and copied the outlines of the motif to the best of my ability on a piece of paper.

Once back home I found the drawing and my notes and started searching the Internet for more information and actually managed to find a (low resolution) picture of the shield on a website. I printed out the picture and pinned it on my notice board.

Other things were put on the board and taken down again, but the picture of the shield stayed up and during this time I also discovered the vertasile world of tattoos and the idea of having the eagle and the salmon tattooed gradually surfaced.

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