Finding the Artist

Since a tattoo should be something you are going to carry for the rest of your life, it was important for me to find just the right person. I did some "window shopping" and searched the internet and narrowed the choices down to 3 or 4 places, that looked as if they matched my ideas and thoughts.

As fate would have it the first place I actually visited - in what now seems way back in 1999 - was Kunsten på Kroppen in downtown Copenhagen founded by Erik Reime in 1988.

He worked there along with Colin Dale and I had a look at their portfolio of past works and was very impressed. Also I like the atmosphere in the place. I left with the certain impression that these two guys really knew was it was all about.

After visiting Erik and Colin a few times I gave a little sketch I made of the eagle to Colin to work from and got an appointment for 15 June 2000. As it turned out it was only the beginning....

In 2010 Colin started his own tattoo studio Skin & Bone.

At Kunsten på Kroppen Erik decided to retire - after almost 30 years of tattooing - early 2015.

But the "new" Kunsten på Kroppen is still around with Kai Uwe Faust now continuing the long tradition in Historic and Ethnic design from all over the world each adding their personal flavour to the art of tattooing.

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