About me

Here are some headers:

  • Vintage 1961.
  • Born in Varde on the west coast of the Jylland Peninsula. If you havn't experienced the Northsea yet you owe it to yourself.
  • Of Danish and further back Frisian extraction.
  • Moved to Copenhagen in 1967.
  • Spent a lot of vacations with my grand parents in Grejsdalen roaming this valley on the east coast of Jylland.
  • Attended primary school at Ryesgade Skole in Copenhagen - then went on to Niels Steensens Gymnasium. Fortunate to having great teachers and mentors in both places.
  • Finished Bank Clerk education in Bikuben (a Savings Bank) in 1983.
  • Now - through mergers and outsourcings - working as an IT Specialist at IBM Danmark focusing on IT System Management.
  • Avid Apple user… Yes, I've sold my soul to Cupertino *S*
  • Likes Linux too :-)
  • Incarnated VW and Audi driver. But my bicycle is the daily way of transport to work.
  • Photografer - Nikon and classic Rollei and Voigtländer cameras rules.
  • Art, music and movie lover.
  • Good dining, beer and wine appreciated.
  • History is important - otherwise how would you understand the present and plan the future?
  • Cannot part with books - They work offline and you can make notes in the margins. Gotta live with the increasing demand for shelf space.
  • Gets very disappointed if the morning paper is late and I cannot finish the crossword before I get to work.
  • Tattoo canvas - for tattoos that tells a tale….
  • Piercings? Well, got a few. And I'm old enough not to ask for permission.

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